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As COVID-19 continues to have a dramatic impact across the globe, The BarkMore Pet Hotel and Daycare will continue to make your pets' health and safety a top priority; in addition to the health and well-being of our employees, loved ones, and you, our valued clients.

While there have been no reported cases of coronavirus in pets, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that anyone who is sick with COVID-19 should restrict contact with pets and other animals. Just as you would restrict contact with other people if you are sick, the CDC in the link above, recommends that owners seek assistance in caring for their pets. We are open and ready to support you and your pet.

While we will remain open to care for your pets, the health and safety of our employees is of vital importance, so we can continue providing the superior care you have come to trust. We have required our employees to take extra precautions, and have asked them to be on the side of caution for themselves, including staying at home if they are not well. If you have an upcoming reservation with us, and you are not feeling well, please do not come inside the building. Instead, utilize our curbside service, which will come into effect at 7:00am March 18th. Please remain in your vehicle and our staff will retrieve your pet with a leash and welcome your pet inside. You do not need to leave your car. Any payments can be made over the phone. If you are extremely ill, please ask a friend or family member to deliver your pet for you, or ask us about transportation services.

Thank You!



We are not giving tours until further notice. A video tour is available and can be requested by email!