The BarkMore Pet Hotel & Daycare, LLC.



Doggie Day Care  


Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:30pm


While you are busy at work, shopping or simply taking some time out for yourself, you can rest assured knowing your pooch is playing and getting the attention he or she needs (instead of chewing on the living room furniture!). Dogs that come for day care have opportunities to play in a safe environment and at the end of the day your pooch will be refreshed, relaxed, and ready to spend quality time with you at home.

We also offer daycare for your feline friends too!


ALL DOGS are required to take a temperament test before joining The BarkMore dayacare program. Times can be scheduled Monday through Friday 7:00am to 9:00am.

Call to schedule now!




Reminder, as we do have an indoor and outdoor daycare facility..there is a chance your pet could be damp/wet upon pick up. 



Full Day for one dog-$20

Half Day (less than 5 hours) for one dog-$12

Full Day for multiple dogs-$20/ $10 each additional dog

Half Day (less than 5 hours) for multiple dogs-$12/ $8 each additional dog


 Full Day Daycare Packages:
5 Day Package-$90/$45 for each additional dog
10 Day Package-$160/$90 for each additional dog
20 Day Package-$280/$180 for each additional dog
30 Day Package-$390/$270 for each additional dog
40 Day Package-$480/$360 for each additional dog

Half Day Packages(less than 5 hours):
10 Day Package-$100/$50 for each additional dog
20 Day Package-$180/$100 for each additional dog
40 Day Package-$320/$200 for each additional dog