The BarkMore Pet Hotel & Daycare, LLC.


VIP Suites

Have your fur baby stay in one of our LARGEST Luxury Rooms.

Complimentary cot beds
Have access to TV programs
Receive daily housekeeping
Go for walks every 2-3 hours during the day
Meals served twice per day (We can accommodate any way needed for feeding times)
Peanut Butter Kong served each night
A COMPLIMENTARY exit bath during their stay...(of 3 nights min)



Paws-idential Suites


Have your pup stay in a MEDIUM sized beautiful suite
Have access to pet friendly TV programs
Receive daily housekeeping
 Go for walks every 2-3 hours during the day
Plenty of TLC by our loving staff

Mini VIP
VIP on a SMALLER scale (for 30 lbs and Under)
Amenities are the same as above

The West Wing
Some pups prefer the West Wing
These magnificent mutts stay in a comfortable room
Go for walks every 2-3 hours and
daily houskeeping

Sitting pooch

Additional Services/Extra Fees:

$5 Per Day For Medication Administration

$5 Per Meal For BarkMore Food

$10 Per Day Per Dog For Daycare While Boarding 

1/2 Day Charge For Pick Up After Noon (Mon-Fri and Sundays)

After Hours Staffing Fee (SCHEDULED pick up or drop off) $30.00

A Holiday Fee of $20.00 per reservation will be added to bill upon pick up for the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.



Please select the "Boarding" tab above to see some photos of our boarding areas.



Your feline friend will enjoy a cat condo that is made up of three compartments. The top two compartments are where your kitty can roam freely and the third compartment (bottom of condo) is where their litter box will be held. All of our cat condos are in a separate room away from our  K-9 friends. During our business hours, your cat will enjoy their time roaming around the cat room, perching on our windows and climbing the cat tree. 
Cat Condo--------------------$18/night
Each additional cat--------------$9/night

Have a small animal that needs to be watched while you're away? The BarkMore is here to make sure your furry friend is cared for! Call for more information about small animal boarding.