Starting at $24/day

Daycare is offered Monday through Friday. Your dog will enjoy playing with their best friends while being closely supervised by our award-winning, highly trained staff members. Every staff member at the Barkmore is certified in dog behavior and understands how to allow your pups to interact with one another in a safe environment. At the end of the day, your pooch will be refreshed, relaxed, and ready to spend quality time with you at home.

How to Join the Pack

Before your dog joins the daycare pack, they are required to take a temperament test. The test allows our staff to keep the play group safe by ensuring the newcomer will be welcomed into the already established daycare play group. Once your pet has passed their temperament test, we'll phase your pet into daycare.


Call now or send us an email to schedule your pup's temperament test.

Visit our FAQ section for more information about hours, vaccinations*, and age requirements.

*The Barkmore is not responsible for making sure your pet's vaccinations are current.

We reserve the right to turn away any pet if our requirements are not met.